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I Finally Did It!

28 Feb

I’ve been working full-time as a writer for over six years now. But for even longer than that I’ve wanted to make my living from fiction. Well, my short story “The Shelter” is the first step to accomplishing that goal. On this blog I will talk about my upcoming work, my writing journey and general issues that I’m passionate about.

After roleplaying for nearly two years, the character Sunni Brown (known to players in CD as SunHi Gavilan) I found myself with a fully developed character. It was amazing because I had absolutely no idea that this would happen. My friend Nicole had prodded me for years about signing up for Second Life because we were both lovers of the Sims game. I was resistant initially; but after discovering other writers in SL’s roleplaying sims I was hooked. It was supposed to be just for fun. Something to do after a long day of writing for other people; but it ended up morphing into so much more. If someone had asked me if a character I created for a game would somehow inspire me to write a short story and a novel, I would have thought they were crazy. Really!

Speaking of novels, I have 118 pages done and I’m currently in the rewrite phase. I really want to get this novel published this summer; but I’m giving myself until the Fall because you just never know what changes will be needed. Writing a novel has been one of the biggest challenges I have ever faced in terms of writing. I use to think that writing screenplays was difficult; but I now think novels top the list of difficult forms.

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