Getting On My Soapbox

8 Mar

So I was looking through the web today and came across this article about writers being entitled little brats and this article about big banks censoring literature.  And I just can’t remain silent for one moment longer.

My Thoughts On Censorship

Once we start telling people what they can and can’t write, we begin to limit creativity.  We all have our opinions about what’s tasteful literature; but let’s face it…tasteful has an arbitrary definition.  I’m sure some people might object to some of the themes I explore in my book(s); but I’m sure glad they can’t stop me from publishing it.  But writer beware, there are some countries where writing can get you killed or banished if you’re not writing what those in powerful positions think you should write.

My Thoughts On Writer’s Entitlement

Writers have the right to be entitled.  This idea that writers should work for nothing or just for pittance is absurd.  The writer of this article compared writers to plumbers.  But I bet you $100 he would never get a plumber to work for free…not even an apprentice plumber.  So to all those who think we should do away with the writer’s right to get paid for copies of their work…I say shove it where the sun don’t shine.  I’ll let Harlan Ellison speak on that subject…


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