Who Is SunHi Mistwalker?

30 Mar

Welcome to my blog! If you’ve just read “The Shelter” and clicked that little link in the back of the book it brought you here to my little home.  Okay, so it’s not exactly my home — let’s say it’s my virtual home. Fair enough? Right.  Here’s a little about me.  I’m a writer. But you knew that already. Well, I’ve been writing since…since forever.  For the past six years I’ve been working as a ghostwriter and before that I worked for newspapers, magazines and even wrote stage plays and scripts.  I have a few awards under my belt and even did a stint at an advertising agency. It was quite an experience, I’ll say that much.  For the past two years I’ve been preparing myself for the great leap into fiction writing on my terms.  What does that mean? It means writing about things that matter to me without considering markets and trends.  “The Shelter” is a short story prequel to a novel. The novel follows the life of a teen girl faced with poverty and societal collapse.  No, this is not a YA novel. This book is written for adults. A matter of fact, I wouldn’t recommend that anyone under the age of 16 years old read the short story or the novel.  I deal with strong themes and I don’t censor myself.  While I personally have nothing against YA literature, I prefer to read books for adults even if they have teens or children as main characters.

So that’s enough about me for now. If you want to receive updates about the novel or other books by me please sign up for the newsletter: https://sunhimistwalker.com/about/


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