After The Darkness: Episode One is Published!

6 Apr

Finally, the first episode of “After The Darkness” is published! Please check it out here on Amazon.  A short blurb about the story: The year is 120 A.T.D., 120 years after the sun’s rays became blocked by black and gray clouds of pollution. Most of the time it is dark, much like a moonless night. There is a shortage of everything, food, water, shelter and heat. It is always cold, never warmer than 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) in the summer and 40 degrees below zero in the dead of winter; it snows, all year around. Poverty is rampant and people live with extended family in small, insulated apartments struggling just to stay warm, fed and safe. The government is run by the military, police and a small elite class who have power over food, heat, shelter and safety. In this society, there is a scarcity of everything that humanity requires creating a world of freemen and slaves. Fourteen-year-old Nadia is one of the lucky ones, born into a family employed in the heating industry places her amongst the privileged, that is until now…

This episode is 8,000 words approximately 40 pages. After The Darkness is part of an ongoing monthly series. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger. Please sign up for the mailing list to receive special promotions and free giveaways of related works.


I began writing “After The Darkness” in 2009 and originally launched it as a web series. Now it’s back as a series of ebooks.

Novel Update:  I am 27% done with the editing of the novel which follows the life of Sunni Brown, the protagonist from the short story “The Shelter.”  I working hard to get this novel polished and ready for the presses!


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