A Secret Guide To Our Frozen World

19 Jun

Much of the world worries about global warming. Some people focus on preventing it, while others aim to discredit it. But 200 years from now, no one will know what it is. And if they do somehow find an ancient bite of data that speaks of the Kyoto Treaty or the imaginings of global warming alarmists they will simply laugh and consider it a great work of fiction. Or maybe they will cry, not because there was no need for alarm.  There was a need for alarm — but for something entirely different. You see, no one saw it coming. While the world did see the catastrophic changes in the planet’s weather, they were unable to see the dangerous cliff at the end of the tunnel. They overlooked the gradual dimming of the sun’s rays. Better yet, they misinterpreted it.

When the skies first began to darken and cool the earth’s surface, scientists hypothesized that the planet was correcting itself, while religious leaders declared it was a sign from a merciful God. It’s even rumored that the U.S. government took matters into their own hands to hasten the cooling of the earth by blocking even more of the sun’s rays. But none of them imagined that 120 years After The Darkness, warmth would become something people prayed for and that the powerful could buy, bargain with and steal it.

But wait, I don’t want to talk about that. For my world, our future world, none of that matters now —  it cannot be changed. My concern is for a young girl, Nadia Comani.  You see, Nadia doesn’t know anything about global warming, nor is she versed in the true history behind the planet’s dark, frozen condition.  She was born into the world as it is.  The only light and heat she has ever experienced comes from the corporate-military heating complex that controls the City of Calcane.  As a level 5 she’s never had to worry about much, especially not the matters of warmth, food and safety. Unfortunately, that’s about to change… Someone is coming, I will try to tell you more later…


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2 Responses to “A Secret Guide To Our Frozen World”

  1. russell1200 June 26, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    I have a collection of water/ice based apocalypse collapse novels that I had intended to do reviews on. I decided to do International (non-British, non-USA) first. FWIW my reviews are collected at a second tab if you follow back the link to my blog.

    Natural long range timing pretty well indicates we will eventually get colder as we return back to the ice ages. That doesn’t mean we cannot melt ourselves first though. And the Atlantic Conveyor Belt theory says we can freeze ourselves in the process of melting ourselves. The ice aged themed apocoli stories seemed to fade somewhere in the late 1980s I think. Of course the other water theme -flooding – works very well with global warming.

    • sunhimistwalker July 16, 2012 at 8:46 pm #

      Hey Russell! Can you send me a copy of your list? I would love to include it in a blog post just in case people want to check out novels that have similar themes.

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