Apocalypse Survival: What You Need To Eat Before The Cannibals Eat You

15 May

DarknessEp1_pubitIn a world that’s gone to hell in a hand basket, no man (or woman) can survive on Twinkies alone, besides, they’ve gone out of business already.  So what should a post-apocalyptic survivor living a wintery hell nosh on when their stomach gets to grumbling?  Let’s take a nibble at a few ideas:

Protein –And Lots of It

cup of blood

Photo by Jo Naylor

Protein is the building block of life, so if you don’t eat it, you’re just as good as dead.  Skip too many protein meals and you might as well hand yourself over to Mr. and Mrs. Cannibal next door.  In my science fiction series After The Darkness, the City of Calcane gives every citizen his/her fair share of protein, but that’s only if they’re behaving. If they’re not behaving – as in launching citizen rebellions and speaking against the principles of the city’s founding fathers — they may find themselves starving to death.

Synthesized (And Real) BLOOD

If protein is the building block of life, then blood is the juice that keeps the machinery running. And after you’re done “ewwwwing” and turning up your nose at this refreshing and nutritious drink that blood can be, then you can add it to your list of things you will need to eat (okay – drink) in a futuristic world that’s gone straight to hell.  In After The Darkness, blood is a integral part of most people’s daily sustenance. It’s synthesized and enriched with essential vitamins and minerals that keep citizens healthy despite the scarcity of food. So when you’re living in a protective dome city like the citizens of Calcane, just think of your bloody drink as a thick and colorful tonic that’ll keep the reaper at bay.

Genetically Enhanced Food

When the planet has gone through an ecological collapse, there isn’t much room for growing crops, pruning fruit trees or foraging in vast rainforests teeming with life, because those things no longer exist. So the society will need to summon every single creative brain cell to figure out exactly how to grow food. Now think carefully, what can a society do when every last inch of the planet is covered in snow and ice?   Well, they do what any smart post-apocalyptic society would do –start fiddling around with genes, synthetic light and pick the brains of their most diabolical scientific minds and Viola! they’ve got just enough genetically engineered food to feed (and control) an elite class of citizens.  If you can climb your way to the top, you too can enjoy synthetic and vaguely nutritional ham and eggs every morning.

SunHi Mistwalker writes dystopic and post-apocalyptic fiction. Her science fiction series After The Darkness is set in a dark, wintery dystopia where an elite class of citizens uses food, shelter and protection from the harsh elements to control the powerless.  A child of a powerful family, Nadia, is categorized and cast out of the elite class. Now she must fight to save herself and what’s left of her family. Percy, an agent of the oppressive city government, searches for redemption by doing what no other citizen would do – help someone who’s been categorized. Please sign up for the mailing list to receive updates, freebies and special discounts.


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