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I’m Still Here – Just Busy

30 Jan

I just wanted to send an update to everyone about upcoming books. The 6th episode of “After The Darkness” is almost done. I’m currently working on the final pages and will be sending it to beta readers soon. I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and patience. The follow-up book for “New Hope City” is still in the works, I’m in the beginning stages with it. Please signup for the mailing list to find out when these books are available.

SunHi Mistwalker writes fiction set in dystopic and post-apocalyptic worlds. Her new novel New Hope City, a dark coming-of-age story set in a post-apocalyptic America, follows the life of Sunni Brown, a teenage girl exploited by sex traffickers who tries to get a fresh start when she meets a disillusioned cop. She is also the author of the science fiction series After The Darkness. Please sign up for the mailing list for receive updates, freebies and special discounts. You can also follow SunHi on Twitter and Facebook.