New Hope City (Novel)

A dark coming-of-age story set in post-apocalyptic America.

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Life in economically and socially collapsed America has taught 14-year-old Sunni Brown more than a few tough lessons 1) Life sucks, 2) People suck too, and 3) You can’t trust your own flesh and blood relatives even if your ability to keep breathing, eating and living depends on them.

Sunni’s move to New Hope City, a town known more for its former glory than its current corruption, is supposed to give her a fresh start. But like so many things in Sunni’s life, her fresh start is soiled by those seeking to exploit her. Corrupt cops. Ruthless gangsters. Ambitious youth with dreams of ill-gotten fortunes. They all seek to lift themselves at Sunni’s expense. It’s only Sunni’s street smarts and a strong distrust of people that keeps her one step ahead. But not without a cost. Something is brewing inside her — a bit of hate, a touch of rage and a large dose of righteous indignation. For Sunni, life in New Hope City is filled with injustice that she’s powerless to fight. But when she crosses paths with a disillusioned cop, will her growing outrage and his desire to change a rotten city transform her from helpless victim to vigilante outlaw?

Available at: Amazon US, UK, DE, ES, FR, IT, JP | Nook  |Smashwords  | Apple | GooglePlay | KOBO

Paperback Version: Amazon


2 Responses to “New Hope City (Novel)”

  1. danny February 5, 2014 at 12:52 am #

    Enjoyed this book and also the prequel,good because it’s not space invaders or zombies causing the problems but something that is already a reality, the breakdown of society and enforced poverty people can only take so much.


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    […] New Hope City (Novel) […]

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