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After The Darkness is an ongoing fictional series set in a post-apocalyptic world. There are no zombies, werewolves or vampires.  It is a story about oppression, slavery and the will to stand up against the wrongs in the world despite the cost to a person’s life and livelihood.

Synopsis: A post-apocalyptic future of never-ending winters and permanent darkness.

Nadia Comani has never seen the sunrise or a real blade of grass. A matter of fact, she’s never been outside Calcane City’s walls and domes where the world is dark and cold and covered with ice and snow. But despite that, Nadia has everything she could ever want: power, privilege, a loving family and most importantly warmth.
But when her family refuses to compromise their values to serve the city’s corrupt elite, everything changes. Nadia is cast down from her pedestal of power onto the trash heap of the lower classes. No longer guaranteed a life of ease, Nadia faces a future of servitude. Branded as powerless and deviant, will Nadia muster the strength to save herself and what remains of her family?



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